Lu'au at Gil and Lori's house
October 3, 2004


Luau 011
A motley crew!
Luau 012
Luau 013
Robert and Meedie playing their hearts out.
Luau 014
The whole band!
Luau 015
Luau 016
Luau 017
Our hula dancer, Rona! You go girl!!
Luau 018
Lori playing her pineapple!

Luau 019
Hanalei Moon never looked so good!

Luau 020
Luau 021
Luau 022
And the hukilau was danced by all!
Luau 023
Luau 024
Now for some dinner! Removing the imu from the ground was HARD work! :)
Luau 025
Alan whips it out!
Luau 026
Yours truly busting out on a conch shell... :P
Luau 027
Oh the anticipation!!
Luau 028
Like peeling an onion!
Luau 029
Check out the steam coming off the bana leaves!!
Luau 030
The chef, Gil, tending the hot bits...
Luau 031
Doesn't that look yummy?!
Luau 032
OUCH!! That's HOT!!!
Luau 033
Make way!! Coming through!!
Luau 035
Everyone's mouth is watering!! :)